I'm a software manager and developer at Analytical Graphics Inc., where I lead the development of the STK Components product. I'm also a GPS subject matter expert, specializing in the fields of GPS satellite accuracy and receiver accuracy.

I also write web services and I'm the principal developer for AGI's Analytical Services.

Demonstration applications

The analytical services documentation is located here. If you'd like to try them out, contact me - I can get you a demo API key. Also, there are videos describing how to use them at the bottom of the main page.

GPS Services

GPS Demonstration Application

This application lets you use a few of the GPS services I've made available.

  • Perform navigation accuracy calculations using a wide-range of options
    • Sites
    • Routes
    • Search Patterns
  • View today's maximum navigation accuracy over the entire world
  • View today's current navigation accuracy using an animated heat map
  • View all current GPS satellites, including their block type and current health status

GPS Service Demo

Satellite Services

Satellite Demonstration Application

This application will show you the position of any satellite as well as the countries it flies over. You can also see which of four satellites will pass over you within the next week.

  • View any satellite's orbit over time
  • View a list of countries a satellite flies over, with entry and exit times
  • See when select satellites are within view of your location
    • You control light/dark constraints for your location and the satellite
  • See the pass visualized in Cesium

Satellite Services Demo