I'm the Head of Analytics and Operations at OneSky Systems Inc., where I lead the design and development of our analytical services. I'm also a GNSS subject matter expert, specializing in the fields of GPS navigation accuracy and risk assessment.

I'm currently working on methods to quantify risk for UAV pilots and operators.

Demonstration applications

The analytical services documentation is located here. If you'd like to try them out, contact me - I can get you a demo API key..

Navigation Accuracy Services

GPS Demonstration Application

This application lets you use a few of the GPS services I've made available.

  • Perform navigation accuracy calculations using a wide-range of options
    • Sites
    • Routes
    • Search Patterns
  • View all current GPS satellites, including their block type and current health status

Navigation Service Demo

Communication Services

Communication Service Application

This application allows you to analyze comm link budgets for any given set of transmitters, against a receiver moving along any route.

The service that this application is built on has more capabilities than this - you can also add jammers or other emitters to see their effect on your receiver.

  • Define a transmitter and see it's range contours
  • Place many transmitters on the map
  • Define a route for your receiver to fly, using all of the transmitters you specified, and see when the receiver changes to which transmitter.
    • Also view the link budget values changing in flight
  • See the entire path and transmitter lay down visualized in Cesium

Communication Services Demo