Becoming aware of your thoughts and intending goodness in your life is the start of the process to make that intended change a reality. The next step is to allow yourself to be changed. Many people hold on to their negative situations. Maybe they are sick, or poor. On some level it brings them comfort. Perhaps being sick brings other's sympathy your way, just as being poor may bring compassion. It's important to understand why you are in the situation you find yourself - are you holding on to something you may no longer want for some underlying reason? What is that reason? Be honest with yourself - it will lead to growth and a feeling of peace. Ask yourself now, why do I feel that way?

Once you have identified and faced the underlying cause of frustration or anger, the process of accepting your new self becomes much easier. Acceptance is essential to change - it opens your inner gates and lets the change in. You must feel comfortable enough with the change your are requesting to let that change into your life.

Acceptance is similar to the religious idea of faith. Many religions ask that their followers have faith in their beliefs. Having faith allows you to believe something is true. The acceptance we're discussing here is a bit different though. Acceptance is knowing something is true, because you let it be true. You have accepted this change you intended and you are now letting it into your life.

Now that you have intended change to happen in your life, let it happen. Accept that it is happening now and gladly welcome it. Feel thankful that it is here and celebrate the newly arrived situation. Open your gates.