Understanding who we are, what defines us as humans, is an ongoing quest for all of mankind. We find small pieces of the answer through each interaction with others and through the awareness of ourselves. This is a quality only possessed by humans as far as we know. What is it that makes us human? Is it merely the ability to ask that question? Would any species capable of asking that question be considered human? Whatever the definition, we all search in ways large or small for that which defines our purpose.

I have always had a strong desire to understand our place on the planet. That led me to pursue degrees in physics - thinking that if I understood how the universe worked from a scientific view, I'd begin to understand why we were here. Indeed, these degrees have given me many clues, but not definitive answers. And I think I know why.

Throughout this section I'll outline the architecture of our being. Along the way I'll reveal interesting information that both the sciences and religions showed us. We need topics from both sides of the tall fence separating these topics to understand how things work.