GPS Satellite Outages

GPS satellite outages are determined by the US Air Force using a Notice Advisory to Navstar Users (NANU). NANUs are categorized by their type and can represent forecasted, current or summary outages. See the full list of outage types on the CelesTrak website.

Current Time

Current Outages

GPS satellite outages identified as current by the US Air Force. Current outage types are usually reserved for unscheduled outages.

There are no current outages at this time.

Predicted Outages

GPS satellite outages identified as predicted by the US Air Force.

There are no predicted outages at this time.

Recent Outages

GPS satellite outages identified as historical by the US Air Force, occurring within the last month.

PRNSVNNANUTypeOutage startOutage stopDuration
20512019114FCSTSUMMJul 23, 2019 23:25:00Jul 24, 2019 05:14:0000d:05h:49m:000s
8722019115FCSTSUMMJul 24, 2019 15:26:00Jul 24, 2019 18:59:0000d:03h:33m:000s
18342019116UNUNOREFJul 25, 2019 15:40:00Jul 25, 2019 15:41:0000d:00h:01m:000s
18342019120UNUNOREFJul 26, 2019 15:32:00Jul 26, 2019 15:33:0000d:00h:01m:000s
26712019121FCSTSUMMJul 26, 2019 12:52:00Jul 26, 2019 16:51:0000d:03h:59m:000s
32702019123FCSTSUMMJul 29, 2019 16:51:00Jul 29, 2019 20:27:0000d:03h:36m:000s
24652019127FCSTSUMMJul 31, 2019 11:48:00Jul 31, 2019 15:08:0000d:03h:20m:000s
10732019129FCSTSUMMAug 02, 2019 14:52:00Aug 02, 2019 18:39:0000d:03h:47m:000s
3692019130FCSTSUMMAug 05, 2019 17:45:00Aug 05, 2019 21:05:0000d:03h:20m:000s
9682019131FCSTSUMMAug 07, 2019 13:41:00Aug 07, 2019 17:01:0000d:03h:20m:000s
17532019132FCSTSUMMAug 08, 2019 14:31:00Aug 08, 2019 20:36:0000d:06h:05m:000s
18342019134UNUNOREFAug 13, 2019 14:22:00Aug 13, 2019 14:23:0000d:00h:01m:000s
8722019135FCSTSUMMAug 16, 2019 08:25:00Aug 16, 2019 14:13:0000d:05h:48m:000s

Last checked for outage data: 2019-08-23 05:22:52Z

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